Speaking Up

Denise McClure, CPA, CFE, offers years of experience in the field of fraud risk management and fraud detection. She frequently writes on the subject for publications and periodicals, and speaks to organizations and businesses about reducing embezzlement risks.

Presentations and training by Averti Solutions

Denise has made it her mission to create awareness of the risk of weak (or nonexistent) checks and balances within organizations. She regularly makes presentations to business groups, professional associations, and non-profit organizations, sharing ideas on promoting accountability and transparency.

Contact Denise if you are interested in hearing more about any of these topics:

Beyond Trust: Managing the Risk of Workplace Fraud
Why trusted employees steal, best practices for preventing and deterring fraud, red flags, and what to do if you suspect someone is stealing.

The Character of White Collar Criminals
Perceptions and realities of white collar criminals, personality traits, case studies.

Elder Financial Abuse: Crime of the 21st Century
Why baby boomers and their loved ones are at risk, characteristics of victims and perpetrators, red flags, strategies for prevention & early detection.