Investigations and More Discover, Recover

An optimal framework of accountable and transparent processes is the first line of defense.  But people who are determined to solve their financial woes with someone else’s money, will find a way to steal.

Whether you have evidence an employee is stealing, or you simply suspect something is amiss, our forensic accounting solutions can help.

Maybe you are hearing an endless array of excuses for why a particular reconciliation can’t be done. Or you know you should have at least another $100,000 in the bank. Maybe you just found out one of your long-time vendors is putting you on a cash only basis because their bill hasn’t been paid in six months. Does your business partner goes to Hawaii every year while you can barely afford to take your family camping? Does your office manager have designer purses delivered to the office “so her husband won’t find out”?

If any of these scenarios give you an unsettling feeling in your gut, give us a call.