Strengthening Organizations for Financial Fitness

Financial security is strength. We offer services to give businesses muscle, with a system of checks and balances built into their everyday routines. As with any fitness program, consistency means results. Train with Averti Solutions, and develop a stronger, leaner, healthier organization.

Trust, but Verify

Averti Solutions follows a simple philosophy that can save organizations thousands, and even millions, of dollars: trust, but verify. No one wants to live under a cloud of suspicion, so find a way to instill transparency at every level of your organization. When open accountability is accepted as a best practice, it protects both the organization and its employees.

Integrity. Accountability. Transparency. Security.

Integrity is less a personal ethic, and more a result of the corporate culture in place. When employees know they are accountable, that their actions are being reviewed in open transparency, they think twice. This simple second thought can save organizations from enormous financial loss and personal grief.

Expert Strength Training

With expertise gained from over 20 years of running businesses, researching fraud, and investigating cases of employee theft and embezzlement, Averti Solutions pinpoints and executes efficient and effective solutions for our clients. We protect your bottom line, every step of the way.

Establish and maintain a culture of integrity. We can help.